Mask Of Machismo

I Wanna Be What Intimidates Me: ‘The Art of Self Defense,’ ‘The Foot Fist Way,’ and The Mask of Machismo


Two comedy films about the martial arts expose the spectacle of toxic masculinity.

The Rider

‘The Rider’ and ‘Last Chance U’ Show the Darker Side of American Masculinity


Despite very different settings, one of 2018’s best movies and best television shows had a lot to say about youth¬†culture.


The Masculine Parable of Michael Mann’s ‘Collateral’


This Storytellers¬†video essay explores Mann’s “meditation on masculinity.”

Pain And Gain

Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’ is More Essential Than Ever


As it turns five, we look back at the smarter, more self-aware Michael Bay film that history may ultimately view as an essential look at today’s America.