Ending Explained

Ending Explained is a recurring series in which we explore the finales, secrets, and themes of interesting movies and shows, both new and old. We see it as an opportunity not only to help readers who need assistance unpacking endings but also as a chance to unpack themes and explore how expanded cinematic universes connect.

Here is an assortment of some of our favorite and most popular ending explainers throughout the years:

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The Ending of ‘Encounter’ Explained


More like the ending of ‘Encounter’ complained.

The Unforgivable Sandra Bullock

The Ending of ‘The Unforgivable’ Explained


There is no easy path to retribution.

Eternals Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘Eternals’ Explained


It’s been a while since two post-credits scenes have been this significant to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Venom Let There Be Carnage Ending

The Ending of ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ Explained


The day we thought would never happen is almost upon us. With such revelations comes excitement and fear.

Shang Chi Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ Explained


The climactic CGI battle is typical Marvel fare, but it suggests a future CGI battle that should be anything but typical.

Beckett Ending Netflix Washington Vikander

The Ending of ‘Beckett’ Explained


John David Washington’s latest protagonist boldly confronts grief and guilt.

The Suicide Squad

The Ending of ‘The Suicide Squad’ Explained: A Climax Without Villains


James Gunn provides nothing but love for his wretched characters. Even the big bad is not that big nor bad.

Old Movie Ending Family

The Ending of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Old’ Explained


Does the why matter? M. Night Shyamalan bends over backward in his latest script to explain the mystery behind his magic.

Black Widow Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘Black Widow’ Explained


The first feature in Marvel’s Phase Four provides some connective tissue for the MCU’s Disney+ shows.