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Jonathan Freeman Defending Jacob

Jonathan Freeman Explains the Craft of Intimacy in ‘Defending Jacob’


We chat with cinematographer Jonathan Freeman about how he manipulated distance literally and metaphorically for the new Apple TV+ series ‘Defending Jacob.’

Central Park Appletvplus

‘Central Park’ is a Charming, Musical Celebration of the Little Things


At times the Apple TV+ series feels like ‘Bob’s Burgers’ lite, but at least it’s latched onto some of its predecessor’s best qualities.

As The Cellar

‘Amazing Stories’ Is Back With Optimism, Romance, and That Killer John Williams Theme


Dylan O’Brien and Victoria Pedretti headline the first episode of the brand new ‘Amazing Stories.’

The Morning Show Screenshot

Cinematographer Michael Grady on Framing ‘The Morning Show’


We chat with the cinematographer about finding artistry in a world in which we all think we’re experts.


‘See’ Review: So Many Trees, Not Enough Forest


Yeah, I’ll say it — ‘See’ lacks vision.

The Morning Show

‘The Morning Show’ Dissects the Media and Its Audience With Intelligence, Humor, and Heart


All the smarts, laughs, and emotional drama of ‘The Newsroom’ but without the one-sided ideology shoved constantly into your ears and eyes.