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Kevin Durand in Dark Was The Night

‘Dark Was the Night’ is a Nifty Little Creature Feature


Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas versus a monster in the woods? Sure, why not.

Alec Baldwin in Miami Blues

‘Miami Blues’ Brings Sunshine and Humor to the Life of Crime


Alec Baldwin leads this Charles Willeford adaptation, and it’s one of the most entertaining performances of his career.

Burt Lancaster in Scorpio

‘Scorpio’ Brings Death, Double-Crosses, and a Bad-Ass Burt Lancaster


Fans of spy thrillers, rogue assassins, and a tough as nails Burt Lancaster should seek this one out immediately.

Amazon Prime September

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for September 2020


Gillian Flynn has adapted a UK hit series into a language Americans can understand!

Ingrid Bolso Berdal in Escape

‘Escape’ Offers Just That With Action, Beauty, and Brevity


Looking for a thrilling tale of adventure and survival set in 14th century Norway and directed by a man named Roar? You’re looking for ‘Escape.’


Larry Cohen’s ‘Bone’ Remains a Biting and Daring Social Satire


The world wasn’t ready for the charged-up black comedy in 1972, but the film’s power is everlasting.

Bugsy Malone

Alan Parker’s ‘Bugsy Malone’ Remains an Endearingly Odd Gem


The director’s debut feature is a playful, kid-centric gangster musical called ‘Bugsy Malone.’

Prime Video Guide

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for August 2020


Tom Hardy, Mickey Rourke, Nicolas Cage, and Lili Reinhart are all new to Amazon Prime this month. Sadly, they’re not all in the same film.


Christopher Walken Is an Action Hero in ‘McBain’


This might not be the actor’s most well-known outing as a Vietnam veteran, but it’s easily the most entertaining.