Tonight, Tucker Max Drinks in Hell

‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ just found a lead actor. Will he be able to fill Tucker Max’s misogynistic shoes?
By  · Published on July 9th, 2008

Tucker Max is the sort of popped-collar maniac that gives guys that want to be exactly like him but resort to being nice a bad name. He’d be the king of Late Night Shots if he weren’t so damned self-centric. He spouts the kind of stories that look completely different in the morning when you wake up with your arm underneath them.

And he’s getting a movie.

You probably already knew that. It hasn’t been in development for that long, but it seemed like a natural next step for the online short story artist who became a best-seller with “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” back in 2006. For the uninitiated (and, yes, that’s a frat pun), his particular brand of storytelling comes with its own barf bag. His work is the post-feminist era dreamland of alcohol abuse as sport, sexual conquest as sport, and sports as total domination. Simply put, it’s the kind of stuff Maxim readers go half-mast for. And now, with the film adaptation of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, Maxim subscribers won’t even have to read to enjoy it.

Tucker keeps a pretty detailed development blog which, more so than most, is a stream of consciousness look at how the process is going. It doesn’t seem shined and buffed like other PR versions of movie blogs that are most likely written by PAs. The big news over there this week is that they’ve finally found the actor who will play Tucker. Newcomer Matt Czuchry is set to take his television chops and translate them big screen as the womanizing partier.

According to the synopsis, it’s a story of a complete asshole who tries to earn back good graces after his amoral behavior gets him uninvited to his buddy’s wedding.

If it sounds generic, it probably is, but there’s a good chance that Tucker will be able to infuse a lot of uniqueness into a project which reads like the adult version of American Pie Presents Band Camp or the Stuff Magazine version of every romantic comedy ever made.

Wait, does Stuff Magazine even exist anymore? Probably not.

The only really notable name on the cast list is Jesse Bradford who is pretty excellent in anything he’s in. But there is some solid talent from television shoring up roles. Plus, the gorgeous Keri Lynn Pratt (who is, unfortunately, probably best known as the girl who orgasms on that horse in Cruel Intentions 2) has a fairly prominent role, and she’s been consistently solid in almost all of her roles.

All in all, this movie has a fighting chance at being interesting, albeit within a very focused target market. At any rate, it’s good to see Tucker finding success and milking the hell out of his pick-up lines and iron-clad liver.

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