Tom Hanks: Lovable Actor, Excellent Screamer

Tom In Big Tom Hanks
By  · Published on November 29th, 2017

America’s actor dad is also America’s loudest actor.

Tom Hanks is the coziest actor we have. He’s a movie star, but not a sex symbol; one that would break hearts by not being what he seemed, rather than by being mysteriously aloof.

This isn’t just the actor’s roles, it’s his brand as a Hollywood titan. He’s as guy-next-door as you can get and it makes sense that he’d have to let out a nice, Midwestern shout every once in a while. Or maybe more often than that.

This supercut by Owenergy Studios makes it quite obvious that there is a dark, angry core to Hanks that manifests in his pained yell – a yell that seems to come up in almost every role he’s played, no matter the genre. His yell is as iconic as the actor’s fatherly warmth or self-effacing aw-shucks humor. And it’s much, much more fun to watch all cut together in a row.

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