Tips for Swapping Bodies with Your Mom or Daughter, ‘Freaky Friday’-Style

By  · Published on April 1st, 2014

by Nadia Chaudhury

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All pointers for unexpected body swaps with family members below were gathered from the latest iteration of Freaky Friday, because Lindsay Lohan.

Try to avoid switching bodies before your mother’s second wedding, if you can.

Don’t let your daughter plan your second wedding. She’ll cancel the fish.

Don’t try to befriend your daughter’s enemy. It’ll only end with you on the ground with your shirt over your head or in the middle of a test-cheating scandal.

Get revenge on teachers who have it out for your daughter just because you rejected them for the prom.

Don’t have hidden piercings that you wouldn’t want anyone to find out about.

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Take advantage of the credit cards under your new identity, and do cut your hair and get a new piercing, just to balance out that hidden piercing.

Don’t kiss your mother’s fiance, just blame cold sores.

Kiss your daughter’s crush, it’ll leave him wanting more.

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Don’t flirt with your daughter’s crush while singing a punk rock version of “Baby, One More Time” and drinking extra caffeinated drinks. You’ll just confuse the poor boy and he’ll sing Britney outside your window.

Get to know your daughter’s crush by having him sneak you into the teacher’s lounge just so you can finish an exam.

An easy way to pass a test is to have your mother take it as you.

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Let your mother eat french fries while she’s in your body; it doesn’t mean a thing to your 15-year-old self.

Use the opportunity to take role playing to a whole other level – tell your mother/daughter what you really think of her. They’ll be forced to listen because, hey, you’re in her body.

While you’re at it, learn what people really think of you by talking to your daughter’s friends, your son/brother, and your fiance/soon-to-be stepfather.

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Be willing to perform horribly at an audition with your daughter’s band.

Be willing to marry your soon-to-be stepfather.

Most importantly: never wish for another person to understand your life, especially when you’re eating fortune cookies on either side of a restroom door at a Chinese restaurant.

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