This Supercut Shows The Elements That Hitchcock Shot Again and Again

By  · Published on January 8th, 2015

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Using 40 movies from almost 40 years of filmmaking, director and author Steven Benedict has stitched together a visual list of Alfred Hitchcock’s style-securing elements. The stuff he returned to repeatedly. The stuff that made a film, you know, “Hitchcockian.”

No sugar or spice, stairs and trains and stabbings are what his movies were made of. There’s no voice over edification here; Benedict allows the raw juxtaposition (and the sheer number) of the images make the statement.

The editing here is beautiful, gracefully creating a sense that we’re watching a series of images that were meant to be a singular series instead of snippets from several dozen different movies made a half-century apart.

The video is also the latest, best reminder of just how many movies Hitchcock was able to make during his career, and it makes a strong companion to the Rear Window timelapse.

Source: IndieWire

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