This Supercut Explores the Colors of Wes Anderson

By  · Published on February 24th, 2015

Red and Yellow. Two colors that define the palette of director Wes Anderson, whose production design, make-up and hairstyling and costume design teams won Academy Awards on Sunday night for their work on The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was an overwhelming sweep of practical technical awards that was a celebration of Anderson’s signature style. It’s a style that begins with the director and is executed by teams of talented craftspeople.

The evidence of the consistent style of Wes Anderson is on display in this supercut by Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria). Rishi is responsible for awesome supercuts exploring the color palettes of both Stanley Kubrick and the filmmakers at Pixar.

There are subtle variations that distinguish some of Anderson’s films – the color blue appears prominently in The Life Aquatic while Grand Budapest is filled with pink and purple – but red and yellow have a strong presence throughout his entire filmography. The supercut is not just a wonderful exploration of these colors, but a nice retrospective on Anderson’s work thus far.

So put on your red Team Zissou cap and your yellow scout’s scarf and let’s celebrate one of the most meticulous directors of our generation.

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