‘The Zookeeper’ Talks To Animals, Cher And Stallone Answer Back

Kevin James turns to captive animals for relationship advice. Expect dates filled with poo flinging, leg humping, and awkward sex. (Robert Fure will most likely identify.)
By  · Published on June 23rd, 2009

It seems Kevin James has been promoted from mall cop to zookeeper in the upcoming comedy called… wait for it… The Zookeeper.  (Let’s hope he doesn’t play a combination analyst/therapist in his next movie.)  James’ character is a bit lacking in knowledge when it comes to the ladies, so the animals in his charge take notice and try to help him win Rosario Dawson’s heart.  How you ask?  By talking to him and sharing their own relationship advice!

Variety has just revealed the A-list talent that will be providing the voices for the animals includes Adam Sandler as a monkey, Jon Favreau as a bear, Sylvester Stallone as a lion, Cher as a giraffe, and Judd Apatow as an elephant.

The Zookeeper is being directed by Frank Coraci, whose sole quality film (The Wedding Singer) was made over ten years ago.  Since then he’s brought us The Waterboy, Around The World In 80 Days, And Click.  On the plus side the spec script did sell last year for $2 million, so it must be really good…

Some questions:  Is this a bit too close to Dr. Doolittle?  If you loved animals and discovered one day that they were intelligent enough to talk and love wouldn’t you want to free them from their life of captivity behind bars?  Is Cher playing the same giraffe being airlifted to safety in Roland Emmerich’s 2012 trailer, and if so, why the hell is he saving her?  Should James even be taking relationship advice from non-monogamous animals?  What animal will Rob Schneider be playing?

Does Kevin James even deserve Rosario Dawson?

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