The Star Wars Rumor That Brings Back Darth Vader

By  · Published on July 8th, 2015


As the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens edges closer, we will begin to look past it and move on to the next few Star Wars entries. It’s the rhythm of the Internet’s collective interest. We want what we don’t yet have. Then when we get it, we want something else. I’m good with that. I like the anticipation, too.

And while I’m sure that The Force Awakens will be a movie worth talking about, there’s new information out there about Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One that has my Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor confused, as I am, in fact, sitting down.

Birth.Movies.Death is reporting that Darth Vader may make an appearance in Rogue One. Explains Devin Faraci, “He will not be the main antagonist but he will be working behind the scenes, pulling strings and will appear onscreen. Literally, I’m told – he’ll be showing up via viewscreen or holo projection or something.”

No matter how brief, an appearance of any kind of Darth Vader could be a lot of fun for Star Wars fans. And seeing as Rogue One is set alongside the original trilogy— revolving around a team of revolutionaries tasked with stealing the plans for the Death Star. And as Devin explains further, this is the most exciting time in the life of Vader, “This will be Vader at the critical moment in his history, working for Tarkin but still a legendary menace whose appearance strikes fear into the hearts of all who encounter him. This is the Vader who walks in and fucks shit up personally, the guy who Tarkin points at a problem to make it disappear. This is classic Darth Vader.”

Darth Vader would be an easy thing to pull off, as James Earl Jones is still around and working. It matters less who exists inside the suit. And there are plenty of voice actors out there who could reasonably become the new voice of Vader without losing a step.

I love this. The big threat of Rogue One might be another villain, or perhaps the institution of the Empire itself, but having Vader is more than just a nod to fans. It’s our chance to experience more of peak Vader, the dark menace who brought the entire galaxy to heel. If this turns out to be true, it adds an extra level of fun to an already interesting Anthology film.

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