A Monstrous Side is Revealed in the New Trailer for ‘The Shape of Water’

“Son, unfuck this mess.”
By  · Published on September 14th, 2017

“Son, unfuck this mess.”

Guillermo del Toro‘s The Shape of Water has amassed incredible reviews since premiering at the Venice Film Festival, even taking home the prestigious Golden Lion. What was already one of the most anticipated films of 2017 was then raved about yet again at Toronto International Film Festival. It just leaves us wanting more, more, more. Luckily, look no further than at the arrival of a new red band trailer!

Our own Meg Shields penned a gloriously moving tribute to loving amphibious fish-men and the wonderful escapism that comes with fantasy and fairy tales. Indeed, that sense of awe and mythicism can be spotted throughout a green band trailer that was released in July: it focuses on Sally Hawkins’ mute heroine Eliza, the mundanity of her life, and her utmost empathy for the misunderstood sea creature she desperately wants to protect.

The red band trailer, however, relishes in a darker side. The mystery thriller aspect of the movie is amped up here, with the trailer opening on Colonel Strickland (Michael Shannon) interrogating Eliza and her friend, Zelda (Octavia Spencer) about the whereabouts of The Asset (Doug Jones). Despite suffocating circumstances, Eliza remains witty, lovable and truly quite serene throughout the fray as she secretly stows away with the creature. But all hell breaks loose — bloodshed, gunshots, smashed walls and all — as Strickland commits himself to hunting down the runaway lovers.

Violence and romance are clearly two sides of the same coin, caught in a beautiful marriage that del Toro has clearly mastered. Watch the magic unfold in the trailer below:

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