The Pros and Cons of Jon Hamm as Superman

By  · Published on July 29th, 2010

With all that Comic Book Convention 2010 stuff slowly dying out, someone out there in the superhero world had to pipe up and keep the train rolling down the track. After all the Marvel talk, it might as well be a DC property.

The rumor of the day is that Jon Hamm – the actor known as Mad Men’s Don Draper and Liz Lemon’s impossible boyfriend – might be up for the role of Clark Kent (a man who, if you look at him without the glasses, resembles Superman an awful lot).

This isn’t a done deal, but if it’s headed that way, it’s enough prompting to take a look at the pros and cons of what casting him might mean.

The Pros

The Cons

If the report over at Pajiba is correct, then Hamm might be in close consideration for the job already. The odd question, or the one that I haven’t seen yet, is who else would play him? Brandon Routh? Another unknown? Frankly, there are few that actually look or feel the part in any way.

Plus, Hamm has a leg up because he’s cemented himself in the cultural mind with a role that is at least close to the time period in which Superman was created. Yes, it’s decades past it, but Don Draper is a figure of the earlier part of the 20th century. A character who fought in WWII The Korean War. A character who probably spent his late adolescence reading the Superman comic book or listening to the radio show. Of course, Hamm is as modern as it gets, but we’ve mostly seen him living in that world of new antiquity so it’s not a stretch to think of him talking the talk, walking the walk, and beating a giant robot into submission.

What do you think?

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