The Mysterious, Todd Phillips-Produced ‘Project X’ Burns Down the Neighborhood in its First Trailer

By  · Published on November 2nd, 2011

In our wondrous world of too much information, Todd Phillips has said zero words about Project X (except for a few that sounded like he was mocking people for being so hungry for news). Now, the trailer is out and so is the word.

The story Phillips has produced with first-time feature director Nima Nourizadeh focuses on three high school boys who throw a house party in order to turn their reputations around, and as word of the party spreads, it grows to impossible proportions. So, yes, Phillips has kept word from spreading about a movie that’s plot is based on word spreading.

The trailer is a fun, disastrous sizzle reel that looks like a rave promoter’s favorite footage, but there’s no hint to what the meat of the movie will be. There’s no personality here. On the other hand, there are a ton of bikini-clad ladies-who-are-far-too-attractive-to-actually-be-in-high-school and enough explosions to insinuate that the party gets attacked by the Cloverfield monster at some point.

Would you go see it?

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