The Most Sexually Explicit Movie Poster You’ll See Today

By  · Published on April 27th, 2015

This is not a NSWF drill.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that the poster below is for a Gaspar Noe film. Love hits Cannes this summer, and to mark the occasion, producer Vincent Maraval tweeted an eruptive new ad for it.

It’s a piece of marketing tonally matched to the filmmaker’s aggressive, purposefully assholish provocations, and there’s no reason to think that this next outing (6 years after Enter the Void, 13 after Irreversible, 17 after I Stand Alone) will end the trend of poking the bear. Fortunately this poster hints at the throbbing thing he’ll be poking that bear with.

In his first work in 3D, the Argentine filmmaker tells the story of a man, two women and their bodily fluids in Paris, considering Love an erotic melodrama that serves up sex on a platter. Citing screenings from the European Film Market in Berlin, Paris Match is claiming that people may walk out of the film within the earliest minutes. (Hopefully a fire extinguisher isn’t involved.)

Plus, the quote floating around the most from Noe regarding Love is that:

“With my next film I hope guys will have erections and girls will get wet.”

This is a salesman par excellence. Noe is going to be finger-tenting with mad glee if the audience flings chairs at the screen in Cannes. Controversy is what signs his checks. He’s undoubtedly thrilled with this poster.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s a reproduction of a Normal Rockwell painting, except they spelled “coming” right. Or wrong. However you want to think about it.

Of course, this is all part of the gag. Noe’s stock and trade is causing talk by crafting films that shock and challenge. It’s also a matter of smashing things into other things – knives into bodies, heavy objects into a face, a penis into our vaginally-placed gaze in the POV Enter the Void – so he’s being overwhelmingly consistent with its narrative interests. He also wrote, direct, produced and edited Love, as he did with his previous three features.

IFC Films distributed Enter the Void. Let’s see if they jump all over this one when it premieres to a midnight-fueled Cannes audience.

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