The Most Interesting Movie Trailer of The Week is a Complete Mystery

By  · Published on January 13th, 2017

A24 has us putting on our detective hats with their mystery trailer.

Okay, gumshoes. Grab your notebooks because the game is afoot. Jinkies! We’ve got a movie mystery to solve. The suspect is A24 and the what is this very mysterious video that was uploaded this week:

Note how the video is simply called “Untitled.” It was also uploaded without any sort of announcement or fanfare. The caption reads, “In our near future.” In WHOSE future, A24?! IN WHOSE?!

The trailer is striking, with visuals of a young boy, a couple, a baby, and what might be some sort of pod. Words move across the screen as well, in time to an ominous drum beat: BEYOND REALITY. BEAR WITNESS. QUESTION LIFE. LIVE BEYOND. It’s hard to tell exactly what is happening (because that would be too easy), but the visuals and tone lean toward the futuristic sci-fi genre. The vibes are A.I. meets Advantageous meets Ex Machina. Basically, I’m thinking that maybe that boy is a robot and doesn’t know it. Or maybe his soul/reality was transplanted from a different body. Or maybe Oscar Isaac is dancing somewhere slightly off screen.

As A24 is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the production and distribution world, this will most likely be absolutely amazing and mind-blowing. After all, they gave us Moonlight, Swiss Army Man, 20th Century Women, Green Room, The Lobster, and The Witch. And that’s just some from the past two years! They’ve delved into sleek, stylish science fiction with films like Ex Machina, Under the Skin, and Equals. Whether it’s robots, aliens, or dystopian futures, A24 knows what.

We’ll be praying to all of Alien’s shorts in all the colors and Black Phillip that they tease more of this mystery project soon. Until then, what do you think it could be?

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