‘The Hobbit’ Gets a Master, a Servant, and a Giant Orc

By  · Published on May 19th, 2011

According to a Facebook post from director Peter Jackson, the brilliant Stephen Fry will be in The Hobbit, playing the Master of Laketown. It’s pitch perfect casting that should play both to Fry’s larger-than-life comedic skills and his ability to play complex, darker characters. As fans of the book know, the Master of Laketown is a politician through and through in his hand-shaking, smiley enthusiasm, but depending on what is kept for the movie, the character could experience some tragedies to round out that grin on his face.

In huge, yet minor, casting news, Jackson also announced that Conan Stevens will be playing the Orc Azor. Fans of Game of Thrones know him as Gregor Clegane and also know that he is 7 feet tall and looks like an MMA fighter. In addition, Ryan Gage (who, no lie, was in the original 1995 Judge Dredd) was going to play Drogo Baggins, but has gotten a promotion to the larger part of Master of Laketown’s civil servant Alfrid. There are about one hundred million thousand other roles, and most of the rest of the casting will be minor, but Jackson is consistent about letting fans in on the process, so we’ll continue to keep an omnipresent eye on it. Just one though. And the eye will be on fire.

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