‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Didn’t Break Any Records But Still Raked In $160.8 Million

By  · Published on July 24th, 2012

According to Box Office Mojo, The Dark Knight Rises ended its weekend run with $160.8m in domestic box office, which means it outdid all the other Batman movies, but failed to break any other records. If there were a battle between the superhero titans, The Avengers definitely won it with its top-of-the-hill $207m opening weekend. Not that it should matter to fans, considering these ultra high numbers mean Marvel isn’t quitting any time soon, and Warners is nowhere near done with Batman.

After all, The Dark Knight went on to score over a billion dollars and become the 4th highest domestically grossing movie of all time (without inflation adjustment). It’s high up there, and its sequel just outdid its opening weekend by $2m. There’s no doubt that the third in the series has a great starting pace to clear a billion as well.

Plus, its foreign take so far is $248.8m which is far above The Dark Knight’s opening worldwide score of $199.7m. It cleared by $2m domestically, but the opening foreign box office was almost double this time around. So, absolutely no one was surprised this weekend by the large numbers. The Catwoman spin-off rumors can begin.

Update: It’s been suggested in the comments section that I missed the crucial fact that The Dark Knight Rises is the highest-earning 2D movie opening of all time. However, it’s not that I missed that fact; it’s that I think it’s the silliest excuse for a record possible and therefore reject the idea of it. (Especially considering that IMAX tickets are more expensive than any 3D anywhere.) In other news, it’s really time everyone started reporting attendance as the metric if these “records” are going to mean anything in the future.

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