‘The Avengers’ Trailer Kicks Our Asses With Fresh Action, Excitement and Downey Jr.

By  · Published on February 29th, 2012

Do we really need to introduce this one?

Check out the brand new trailer for The Avengers below.

Yes, please.

This new trailer has done a nice job of opening up the action a bit even if it does still look like the majority of the film takes place on a single city block. But hell, it could play out in a single McDonald’s for all I care. These characters and personalities together in one film is one hell of a draw, and as a fan of Joss Whedon and most of the Marvel films leading up to this I for one am pretty damn excited for it.

Even if Black Widow still feels like the odd man out. Seriously…how does she fit into this group again?

The Avengers opens May 4th.

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