The 6 Best Things From Comic-Con Day Two

By  · Published on July 24th, 2011

After returning home at 4am after wherever that party was, Robert Fure, Jack Giroux and Cole Abaius blacked out in their hotel room overlooking the San Diego Convention Center and communicated their favorite moments of Day Two of Comic-Con through their shared dream state.

If you read the first day’s best, you’ll recognize that not a lot of movie moments make the list, and that’s sadly because of a smaller presence here at the convention, but Day Two brought a bit more heat.

And sand-filled nudity. Here are some of our favorite things from Day Two:

The Spartacus: Vengeance Panel

If you’ve read my write-ups, you know I’m a pretty big fan of the Spartacus series on Starz! because of the awesome amounts of violence and boobs. This year’s panel proved that it would be more the same in the second season. We got a look at Andy Whitfield’s replacement, Liam McIntyre, who seems like he’ll fit the role well. More importantly, we got a look at a whole lot of people getting slaughtered, big battles, and preludes to sexy times. -RF

Bringing Sexy Back

Seeing Robert Fure’s decked out in a Justin Timberlake-esque vest was a rather funny sight. He actually wore it to a party, so that made it funnier. Photographic proof to come later. -JG

30 Minutes Or Less

As a huge fan of R-rated comedies, this film satisfied completely. A full review is sadly forbidden until we get closer to the release, but Ruben Fleischer has pulled off another tight, funny, dangerous movie with Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Michael Pena bringing the laughs with a bomb strapped to them. -CA

Legendary Pictures Says Hello To Comic-Con

I stood in a much longer than anticipated line to get in to see the upcoming slate of Legendary Pictures releases. While most of these weren’t really ready to be shown, what I liked was Legendary finally coming to Comic Con. This year we were only teased with art, but next year I’m sure we’ll get to see big news on major films like Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, and Paradise Lost. And hey, the art was cool. -RF

Cooling Off

The downtime. There’s been enough free time this year to actually relax and talk to the people I barely ever see. A quiet Comic-Con is a good Comic-Con. -JG

When Spielberg Met Jackson

Hands down. No contest. No brainer. Steven Spielberg sitting down with Peter Jackson to discuss filmmaking, their work together, and their innovations for The Adventures of Tintin was a unique, thrilling experience that had film fans on their feet for a few solid standing ovations. Not bad for a first timer, eh? -CA

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