The Ultimate Video Essay Guide to Quentin Tarantino

By  · Published on March 17th, 2017

Welcome to the University of QT.

Without question or the slightest hint of a doubt, I feel wholly comfortable saying that there are more video essays, compilations, montages, and supercuts dedicated to the work of Quentin Tarantino than any other director out there. He has been an object of fascination bordering obsession from the first scene of Reservoir Dogs, and with each new film he releases, the fervor surrounding his mythos only increases. Largely this is due to QT himself, who’s as good a hype-man as he is a filmmaker, but that’s just one more reason we love him: confidence. QT knows he’s the shit and he’d be the first person to tell you that if the rest of us would ever shut up about it.

Bottom line, not since perhaps Kubrick has the totality of a director’s career been held in such high regard, nor has a director been so meticulously dissected. Case in point? The 13 essays and 2 galleries compiled below that represent the best work about Tarantino that I’ve covered over the last few years.

We got everything and the kitchen sink here: serious essays, funny essays, Tarantino on Tarantino, tributes to dialogue, to violence, to laughter, and even a feature-length fan edit of Django Unchained that simply must be seen.

This is one-stop shopping, all you need to know about all things QT ‐ including how his films connect to one another ‐ in one handy post you can bookmark and return to time and again. Enjoy.

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