Takashi Miike Remaking ‘Thirteen Assassins’

Takashi Miike is making a samurai film. Will it suck like Sukiyaki Western Django… or like the breast-fed family in Visitor Q?
By  · Published on May 12th, 2009

Of course, he’ll be calling it A Baker’s Dozen Of Assassins.

Takashi Miike is moving forward with a remake of Eiichi Kudo’s 1963 film about samurais on a suicide mission for revenge.  A corrupt and evil lord rapes and kills a woman then covers it up on his way to higher political office.  Thirteen samurais make a pact to avenge the crime and kill the lord, but they’ll have to face down an entire clan before they can reach him.

Variety reports the film goes before cameras this July.  By all accounts this should be a straight forward samurai action movie… except in Miike’s hands there’s no such thing as “straight forward” anything.  Don’t be surprised if the samurai start shooting poison darts from their manly bajangos, coming back to life as chorus line zombies, or lactating uncontrollably.  Seriously.  It could happen.  As long as he keeps Quentin Tarantino far away from the film…

Are you excited for a Miike samurai film?  Do you know which three Miike films I’m referencing above?

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