Swing into Summer with this Blockbuster Montage

The best of the season’s offerings in one succinct supercut.
By  · Published on May 22nd, 2017

The best of the season’s offerings in one succinct supercut.

May is in full swing and with it the Summer Movie Season is ready to bloom like a big, bright flower and spread its pollen all over the box office. We’ve got apes waging war, men dressed like spiders saving the day, a Rock on the beach, a wondrous woman, Harry Styles in uniform, pirates making a comeback, mummies making a comeback, Edgar Wright making a comeback (!!!!!!!!!), Marky Mark fighting robots, James Gunn and Luc Besson pushing the parameters of sci-fi, dark towers rising, and aliens landing.

It’s going to be one hell of a summer, that’s for sure, and to help you keep up with all of it, check out this visual preview edited by Amon Warmann that hits all the high notes in perfect pitch. Then, for a more verbal account of everything you should be looking forward to in the coming months, check out FSR boss Neil Miller’s podcast with /Film editor Peter Sciretta and our own Jamie Righetti that delves into all the delicious details.

Once you’ve checked them both out, hit up our Twitter and let us know what films you’re chomping at the bit to sink your eyes into. Around here, we’re all tied up in knots waiting for Alien: Covenant, It Comes at Night, and – duh – Baby Driver. Let us know where you stand.

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