Steve Carrell Very Likely Done With The Office After Season 7

By  · Published on June 28th, 2010

During a recent press junket in Los Angeles, Steve Carrell was asked about the future of Michael Scott after a seventh season of The Office.

Carrell has previously stated that he is unlikely to return to NBC’s highest rated series before, and only made that leaning more solid during further questioning. Carrell said, “I was only contracted through seven seasons, and I think it’s time for Michael to move on. I feel like we’ve done everything with him that we could.”

He noted that he hoped that people would continue to stick with The Office after his departure, further supporting the idea that NBC will attempt to keep the show alive minus their star, which in my estimation – is highly unlikely. As has been suggested, the only real hope for The Office sans Steve Carrell is a very strong replacement with deep comic roots who is equally recognizable. Carrell is a bankable movie star that NBC has had the good fortune of retaining through his stardom. Almost any replacement would have to be on that level, and that is a very short list – perhaps a blank page.

When asked if Michael Scott would get a big goodbye, Carrell shared his hope that the opposite would occur. “I’d like it to not be a big sendoff. So much of what I love about The Office is that it’s about small moments. I don’t think it should be a, ‘very special episode of,’ type thing.”