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Stephen King Adaptations: A Terrifyingly Inconsistent Supercut

By  · Published on October 31st, 2017

An author so prolific that this video is already out of date.

Stephen King has been trying to work himself to death after realizing how scary all his books turn out, but some terrible curse is keeping him alive. That’s alternatingly good and bad for movie fans, who’re subject to adaptations of his work with increasing frequency.

This year alone will see a handful of movies (both theatrical and streaming) and a few TV shows. Some made bigger splashes than others, but they’re all alive with the potential greatness that exists within King’s work. They’re also prone to wild failure, but that’s the risk of adapting one of the best living authors. Sometimes things click and sometimes ambition can’t replicate the magic.

Jacob T. Swinney supercut every King adaptation together (up to the point of the video’s release), reminding us that while the films are inconsistent, so was the source material. Some just set their directors up for success a little more than others, but all are undeniably born from the same demented soul.

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