Stargazing: The Most Beautiful Shots of ‘Star Wars’

By  · Published on December 13th, 2017

The franchise changed the way we dream about space.

With The Last Jedi coming to blow minds at the end of the week, this month’s new Star Wars is the perfect excuse to travel back over the franchise’s history of gorgeous imagery. We’ve looked at the series’ best shots before, but never in a streamlined video compilation that blends one into another.

It’s an elegant reminder of the huge universe the films have created and how much some of those moments speak to us as sci-fi and cinema fans.

Ignacio Montalvo’s collection of shots is as startling and exciting as the first viewing of the films in the theater, with the clean lines of traditional sci-fi bumping into the lived-in mess of the serials. If this doesn’t make you run out to see Rian Johnson’s new film (which is beautiful in its own right), I’m not sure what will.

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