Star Wars: Rogue One May Have Its Male Lead

By  · Published on March 26th, 2015

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All we know so far about Star Wars: Rogue One is the title and that it stars Felicity Jones. That’s really enough, even if it turns out that by “rogue one” they mean there’s only one rogue character in the whole movie and she’s played by the Oscar-nominated The Theory of Everything actress. I’d watch a movie with only Jones. She’s a very commanding on screen presence. She doesn’t even need to talk, just flash those various adorable smiles of hers. Toss her in an X-wing, give her an R5 droid as a companion and you’ve got my money.

Okay, fine she can have a human co-star. Or an alien co-star played by a human. Especially if that human is Ben Mendelsohn. You may know him from The Dark Knight Rises or Quigley Down Under or anything in between, but you should know him. At least by his face. So long as you haven’t confused him with Noah Tayor over and over for decades, like I have. Maybe to know him by name, too, it’s going to take a lead role in a Star Wars movie. Deadline reports that he’s circling such a role. The Wrap clarifies that he’s had meetings but no offer.

If the spinoff indeed centers on a gang of bounty hunters on a heist mission of some kind, maybe to steal the plans for the Death Star, then I could see him playing the already known character Dengar. But if he ever shows up in a movie I’d prefer Simon Pegg, who voiced him on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, to reprise the role. Or, if there does wind up being some truth to Rogue One featuring a young Han Solo, I bet Mendelsohn would make a great Garris Shrike, the former bounty hunter turned smuggler who raised him when found as an orphan.

We likely won’t get answers anytime soon. Star Wars: Rogue One opens December 16, 2016.

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