‘Spring Jam’ Is A Kiwi Take On Merrie Melodies

Spring jam
By  · Published on November 3rd, 2017

Rustic, textured animation and goofy sound-based gags.

The New Zealand wilderness was already the star of last year’s Hunt For The Wilderpeople, and it’s back again in this animation by Ned Wenlock. A couple deer and their bird friends are having a Disney/Warner Bros-style symphonic showdown, but when not everybody is up to snuff, things get silly.

While there are still some jokes in this vein, Spring Jam focuses less on “animals as instruments” and more on the slapstick of a chase for its humor. Its stumpy deer and bulbous birds are cute enough in their own right before they begin outwitting hunters.

The amusing gags and animated depth found in every shot thanks to a distinctive visual style make Spring Jam a morsel of wholesome fun.

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