Spider-Man Reboot Has a Director, an Avenger and Maybe a “Spectacular” Title

By  · Published on March 2nd, 2015

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Sony didn’t have to go too far for its next Spider-Man director. According to Latino Review, the studio has tapped Drew Goddard (The Cabin in the Woods) for the latest reboot, and he’ll be writing and directing. He previously was working for the franchise on The Sinister Six, but he had to abandon those plans to concentrate on the Daredevil series for Netflix. Now he gets to return to the Spidey-verse, which is also sort of now the same as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, same home as Daredevil.

That’s not all. The same report claims the title of this series will be Spectacular Spider-Man, going off another comic book title (maybe the next will be Web of Spider-Man). And that Sony’s really hoping for a long-run with this, because they’re looking at high school-age actors for the role who can grow into adulthood along with the character (a la Harry Potter). But for now there are three movies planned, to release over consecutive summers. The craziest part in all this: Iron Man is supposedly going to appear in the first one.

The fun thing about such a cameo is that technically Robert Downey Jr. could stay off screen and let a computer-generated suit do all the work (just as Spidey could be an actor-less superhero in Captain America: Civil War). Maybe lend his voice for a few lines and pick up a massive paycheck for a day’s work. The least fun part of this report, for some of you fans out there, is that Avi Arad’s name is actually going to be on this new series, but as an executive producer with no real role in its making. Also potentially bad news is that now apparently all the previously in-development Spidey spin-offs (that we heard were still going forward) are scrapped again.

That said, while there’s no Venom nor female-character-based movie nor young Aunt May spy thriller in the works, the Sinister Six could still get their own spin-off down the line. For now, they’ll be brought together for Goddard’s first installment, as the movie’s villains. Oh, and again, there will be no repeat of the origin story. Sony is accepting that we all know who this guy is and what he does.

Spectacular Spider-Man (or whatever it’ll be called) will be produced by Amy Pascal and Marvel’s Kevin Feige and is due in theaters on July 28, 2017.

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