Sony Pours ‘Salt 2’ In Your Wounds

By  · Published on June 7th, 2011

As if anticipating the announcement of a sequel, I finally watched Salt last week and enjoyed it. The storyline is so absurd that I looked for a writing credit from Mel Brooks, but it’s a capable action thriller that turns into a hilarious cartoon in the last minute. What’s not to like?

Now Deadline Sakha is reporting that Sony is ready for more killing and has hired Kurt Wimmer to write the script for Salt 2. Going back to the original’s writer is somewhat encouraging (and Wimmer will always get a soft pass from me for writing Equilibrium), and it’s assumed by Deadline that Angelina Jolie will be on board “if it comes together right.”

Empty speculation aside (what actor wouldn’t want to join a project if it came together correctly?), Jolie returning makes more sense than her character returning for a new Wanted installment, so at least logic is on the studio’s side. It’s unclear if director Phillip Noyce will come back to the franchise, but he’s not exactly idle; his name is attached to a handful of projects that might or might not get off the ground (as things often do or do not do). Regardless, this thing hinges on Jolie more than anyone else. If she approves the script, we’ll be seeing more from the woman on the run.

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