‘Serf’s Up:’ When Space Camp, The Garden State, and Dark Energy Collide.

By  · Published on April 13th, 2017

Short of the Day

A raucous comedy in a throwback vein.

All Dan wanted was to go to space camp. But space camp rejected him, so instead he’s stuck at home being forced to hang out with his weird cousin Noel and Noel’s friend, both of whom are up to some pretty strange things in the backyard. Dan tries to steer clear of the obvious danger in what they’re doing, but what kind of film would this be if he was able to?

Serf’s Up comes from writer-director-editor Will Kempner and uses the above scenario as a launchpad for a raucous comedy that feels equally at home in our present day or in the movie theaters of 1987. It’s a silly, fun film that seems to relish in its artifice while still managing to be deftly made, and the performances by Matt Kempner, Simon Johnston, and Dan Lynch are lively, intentionally off-key, and make this farcical film absurdly entertaining.

We found Serf’s Up over at, where it had its Online Premiere last October.

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