Dystopic Sex Comedy ‘The Last Virgin in L.A.’ Hits All the Right Spots

F–k for your life.
By  · Published on May 11th, 2017

F—k for your life.

Being the last of your friends to lose your virginity sucks. I, uh, I would imagine. They’re all going on and on about how awesome sex is, sharing stories and anecdotes, and all you can do is sit there and hope they ignore your bright white blinking shame. But what if, just what if, having sex for the first time wasn’t just a rite of passage but a survival tactic? That’s the oddly hilarious premise of The Last Virgin in LA from writer-director-star Zane Rubin, who plays Millie, a wallflower sitting quietly by while her two more experienced friends discuss their sexual exploits. When they try to include Millie, she reveals that she’s never done the deed, which causes real concern in her friends not because she’s yet to jump this developmental hurdle, but because her failure to do so could get her killed. See, a mob comprised of the actors and actresses, reality stars and other such figures of young Hollywood have been going around town eliminating every virgin from the landscape, and word has it there’s only one left: Millie. Thus begins a race against the clock to get off before getting offed.

Shot with a total of five characters in one location, The Last Virgin in LA is sketch comedy done exceedingly well. It’s a simple concept played to extremes without slipping into total absurdity, a fine and delicate balance accomplished by the direction and performance of Rubin, as well as her supporting cast, most notable Skyler Samuels (Scream Queens) and Jeanette McCurdy (Between), who play her more promiscuous friends.

This is Rubin’s fourth short – the others are available on her Vimeo page and simply must be watched after you finish The Last Virgin in L.A. – and she’s also written and directed a feature, The Moon and Starr, which you can and should watch in its entirety on her YouTube page.  Bottom line, Rubin’s the Real Deal and you should expect big and hilarious things from her future, starting as soon as you press play.

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