Short Doc Interviews Smell-less Anosmiacs

No Smell
By  · Published on November 3rd, 2017

Living without smell becomes vividly realized thanks to National Geographic.

Akin to the sleep paralysis documentary The Nightmare, Jacob LaMendola’s anosmia short interviews a variety of people that can’t smell and links their experiences to images and sensations to try to teach the unteachable.

Experiencing a lack, or trying to empathize with one, is one of the hardest things people are asked to do. That’s why it’s difficult to be a “good feminist” or a truly understanding advocate to the disabled without being a woman or having the same disability. There’s a gap in experience that makes everything that doesn’t line up feel like a half measure.

That’s why LaMendola’s documentary is so engaging – his subjects are eloquent, and their eloquence is enhanced by some descriptive visual filmmaking that makes you more and more appreciative of your sense of smell as the film goes on.

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