‘Sharknado’ Gets That Theatrical Release We’ve All Been Hungry For

By  · Published on July 26th, 2013

Sharknado has been taking the world by storm (well, less of a storm and more of a tornado full of hungry sea life), and the surprise cult hit is showing no signs of stopping. Those who feel that the small screen can’t truly capture the majesty that is Sharknado have had their prayers answered: for one night only (that night being August 2), the film will play midnight shows at approximately 200 Regal Cinemas across the United States.

As goofy as it sounds, Sharknado does seem like the right film to see on a late night in a crowded theater, and its one-night-only status all but ensures that those theaters will be plenty crowded. Chris Sylvia, director of digital marketing for Regal Entertainment Group, had this to say:

“You know how audiences have had fun with Rocky Horror Picture Show over the years. If the internet reactions to this film are any indication, then our moviegoers are primed and ready to enjoy Sharknado larger than life in cinemas. Regal is proud to be giving our guests this chance to fuel the social media whirlwind by inviting friends to come to the show and tweeting reactions.”

Ideally, this might lead to a boom in schlocky horror flicks getting real releases (or at least a few midnight showings here and there). If Sharknado pulls in good money this August, perhaps this could be the beginning of a new age for Z-grade horror.

You can check out a list of participating theaters here. [THR]