‘Seventh Son’ Trailer: Jeff Bridges Fights the Forces of Evil (and Mediocre CGI)

By  · Published on July 11th, 2013

The first trailer for Seventh Son has just hit the internet. Based on the first of “The Wardstone Chronicles” book series, Seventh Son sees Jeff Bridges as a Spook (in the book’s lore, a Spook is someone who fights against the forces of evil) who must train a new apprentice in order to combat Julianne Moore, who plays an evil witch who plans on unleashing a whole lot more evil into the world.

There is a whole lot of stuff crammed into this one little trailer. Practically every fantasy monster under the sun is represented, while battles big and small rage on in all kinds of different locales. Yet it’s a little on the underwhelming side. The beasties are all rendered in less-that-stellar CGI, and even Jeff Bridges seems to have less of a True Grit swagger and more of an R.I.P.D. “can i have my paycheck now” style of delivery.

The film has already been delayed twice, which also doesn’t bode well. Originally slated for February 2013, the film was pushed back to October and then to January, where it currently remains. Yet that too is an ill omen- January usually serves as a dumping ground for the year’s worst movies. All that aside, Seventh Son will be arriving in theaters on Jan 17, 2014 and stars Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and Ben Barnes.