‘Sequestro’ Trailer Shows the True Horror of Kidnapping

By  · Published on July 30th, 2010

A few months ago, the trailer for The Disappearance of Alice Creed came online and surprised with its stark look at the taking of one young woman. Leave it to a documentary to blow all of that out of the water.

Sequestro focuses its cameras on a police force meant to fight kidnapping and retrieve victims in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They shot for four years (or for 386 kidnappings (or for over 1,500 if you count all of Brazil)).

Imagine if you were the one who got the phone call.

There’s a brutal nature to it all, and there’s nothing more evocative than seeing a non-actor cry on camera. Many of the countries in South America deals with kidnappings at an alarming frequency as terrorist groups, independent thugs, and paramilitary use the illegal method as a money-making venture alongside drug dealing.

Director Jorge Wolney Atalla’s film looks to expose the nature of those kidnappings as well as the police procedure in bringing those criminals to justice, and those victims back to their families.

What do you think?

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