See a Baboon Outclass Jude Law in New ‘Dom Hemingway’ Posters

By  · Published on August 20th, 2013


Elegant white lettering reads: “Jude Law is Dom Hemingway, and you’re not.” Law himself slouches in a plush, lipstick-red seat, equipped with a drink and a smoke and a nasty sneer. High above Law sits a portrait of a baboon, proud and refined in all the ways Law isn’t.

The poster for Law’s new film, Dom Hemingway, wants to create an image that’s totally unique. And it succeeds…sort of. Law’s self-important shtick doesn’t seem particularly new or different, but his primate artwork most definitely is. Plenty of posters put their lead characters (complete with an over-the-top personality) front and center, but far fewer posters devote half their allotted space to a baboon and refuse to explain the baboon’s presence.

Dom Hemingway’s second poster lacks baboon and therefore lacks the same level of interest. The only thing on display is an abundance of cheeky British wit, and the exact same sneer Law was sporting from under his primate pal. Check it out after the break, along with a new still from the film.

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Presumably, Dom Hemingway will live or die on the character of Dom Hemingway, a safecracker who’s sprung from prison and has to contend with a daughter (Emilia Clarke) and a crime boss (Demian Bichir), neither of whom particularly care for him. With no footage out yet from the film, these two posters (and a new image as well) are all we have to base an opinion on, and right now that monkey seems to be its biggest selling point.

Thankfully, a key scene in Dom Hemingway will reportedly take place in a room full of handsome primate portraits.

Dom Hemingway will premiere at TIFF next month, with a wide release to follow on April 4, 2014. [Vulture, Indiewire]