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Chariots Of Fire

Ten Great Movies that Capture the Olympic Spirit


If you are sitting on your couch watching Michael Phelps try and break the record set by Mark Spitz or watching the American women’s gymnastics team try and tumble their way past China this week and you feel like you need a little extra inspiration, these ten films should do the trick quite nicely.

comic-con 2008 Terminator Salvation Poster

12 Things That Made Comic-Con 2008 Worth the Trip


The whole team went to Comic-Con back in 2008. Here’s the report on our favorite sights and experiences.

patriotic movies Easy Rider

10 Films That Make Us Feel More American


Back in 2008, we waved the red, white, and blue as we showcased our favorite patriotic movies.

cop out endings Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers

The 7 Best Movies with Cop Out Endings


In 2008, Scott Beggs celebrated a movie trope responsible for a certain kind of conclusion.

movies of summer 2008 Dark Knight

The 15 Must-See Movies of Summer 2008


Let’s look back on one of the best movie summers ever with this classic preview of big releases of 2008.

best films of 2008 Sxsw

The 10 Best Films of the 2008 SXSW Film Festival


Looking back at the 2008 SXSW Film Festival, these are the 10 movies that stood out.

anticipated films 2008 The Dark Knight

The 20 Most Anticipated Films of 2008


A look back at the movies Neil Miller was excited about at the start of 2008.