Secret Website Hidden in ‘Super 8’ Trailer Gets the Viral Party Started in the Editing Room

By  · Published on March 14th, 2011

The Super 8 trailer that proved that 1) most other trailer creators are slacking big time and 2) you don’t have to show everything to sell a movie, is going one step further with the mystery. No surprise there, really.

Reelz Channel was intrepid enough to discover a website hidden in the aperture of the film reel shown inside the camera lens during said trailer, and it leads to S8EditingRoom (dot com) where an old government film with a ton of frames missing awaits.

It’s one more piece of the puzzle, and it will probably only be the first step on the viral path, so stick around for more surprises. Also feel free to tool around on that site for a few hours until you unlock a new trailer or set of images. It’s not like you’d rather be doing that budget report your boss keeps yelling about.

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