Scariest Movie Ever: It Gets Real (And ‘It’ Gets Knocked Out)

By  · Published on October 18th, 2012

The late, great James Whale once said, “Hollywood is just too marvelous. One feels the footprints of the immortals here, but has a terrible feeling that they are in sand and won’t last when civilization comes this way.” So it is with the immortals in our Scariest Movie Ever bracket tournament. After the second round of voting, only 16 films are left, and it’s a guarantee that the competition is going to get a lot tighter once it’s icon versus icon.

There are still some newer favorites, but the next round is shaping up to have battles between Kubrick and Polanski, Carpenter and a hockey masked Cunningham, and the fight between Poltergiest and Halloween is anyone’s game. Once the dust settles, there will at least be a handful of immortals left bleeding out onto the sand.

If you want to skip this nonsense and get straight to voting, feel free, but to check out the final Round Two tallies and check out some tough predictions for Round Three, forge ahead.

Round Two Results (16 Films Left)

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So here’s what the bracket looks like now:

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Judging from the reaction to this and other tournaments, what Whale said rings true even in our own minds. At the end of the day, this fun (yet sometimes grueling) mental task is forcing us to decide between favorites. To ultimately betray something we love for something else we might love just a little bit more. Can we really say we love The Thing more than Friday the 13th? Can’t we just love them both and be done with it?

Of course not. There can be only one.

Day Three Predictions

I went 5 for 8 in my predictions yesterday despite giving an entire vial of blood to that gypsy woman down the block. Maybe the worst twenty bucks and vial of blood I’ve ever spent. And here’s where it gets harder:

It hurts just typing it out. I want to watch all of them right now. Simultaneously.

Voting for Round Three is now open.

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