Sam Raimi, ‘Strangers’ Director Team Up and Give Birth to ‘This Man’

By  · Published on May 6th, 2010

Imagine you’re deep in the middle of a perfect sleep, and as your subconscious starts to wake up, you begin a harrowing nightmare featuring a balding man that looks a little like Wooly Willy.

Now imagine that you discover that other people are seeing him in their dreams.

Now imagine you’re that man, an ordinary type who has just been bombarded by the news that you appear in the nightmares of dozens of people.

Now imagine someone dreamed about you getting outrageously angry about an episode of “Arrested Development.”

Almost all of those things will be featured in a forthcoming movie by director Bryan Bertino. According to Bloody Disgusting (via Deadline), the Strangers director might have finally landed a gig at Ghost House Pictures that will move forward with some momentum.

The plot for This Man is based off of true events where people have seen an unknown man in their dreams. Or it’s all an elaborate viral marketing campaign set in motion years ago. Or it’s because the drawing is so generic, that it could be almost anyone – thus, leading people who see any stranger in a dream to believe it’s this one guy.

Nevertheless, the premise sounds fantastic to me. I love the idea of taking this sort of thing from the perspective of a normal man who finds out something extraordinary about himself.

Have you seen Wooly Willy in your dreams?

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