Ryan Gosling is Joining the Blade Runner Sequel

By  · Published on April 16th, 2015

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What a perfect time for news about the Blade Runner sequel to arrive, during our week focused on A.I. and robots in honor of the release of Ex Machina. We even featured a list of 30 things we learned from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner “Final Cut” commentary. Scott is, of course, finally producing a follow-up to his 1982 sci-fi classic, and he’ll be reuniting with Harrison Ford on the sequel. Possibly joining them now, according to The Wrap, is Ryan Gosling, who hasn’t actually ever done a movie set in the future before. Or any sci-fi movie at all, unless you count 1996’s Frankenstein and Me. He did appear in the first episode of the Canadian sci-fi series Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, though.

One movie of Gosling’s that I am reminded of with this news, which doesn’t give us any information on the actor’s role, is Lars and the Real Girl. He plays a young man in love with a sex doll. Perhaps he can be in love with a sex bot in 2050s Los Angeles, which is when and where I presume the sequel to take place (it’s at least known the movie will take place decades after the original, which was set in 2019). Other than that, I also presume he’ll be a hero of some kind, though it would be great to see Gosling take on another unlikable – or at least villainous – part. In fact, he’d be an excellent evil replicant because he’s such a charming guy but can be truly devilish beneath the surface.

Blade Runner 2, which it most certainly will not be called, is to be directed by fellow Canuck Denis Villeneuve (Enemy). Sean Young recently revealed that she has not been offered a part in the sequel, much to her dismay (she says to boycott the movie), and that makes sense given that replicants shouldn’t age. Of course, that will mean that Ford’s Rick Deckard will now be confirmed to be a human. Or maybe they’re going to work with whatever logic Terminator Genisys is using for Arnold Schwarzenegger and they simply don’t want Young to return.

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