Rumor Mill: Whispers of a Spoilery Big Battle for ‘Man of Steel’

By  · Published on August 12th, 2011

Hopefully the spoiler warning is loud and clear enough here, and, yes, I still take them seriously. Even if a fancy scientific study shows that we like things that are familiar, there’s still no replacement for being surprised or awe-struck with the wonder of newness.

So if you’re avoiding information about Superman: Man of Steel, you can stop reading now.

And if you keep reading, simply know that all of this might be untrue ‐ it’s the work of an “insider” with the production that scoop site Comic Book Movie trusts. Their track record is pretty stellar, but nothing is confirmed until it’s truly confirmed.

What Comic Book Movie is asserting is that there’s a giant battle scene featuring the US Army, Superman and Zod that takes place in Smallville. Windows at a hospital are being blacked out for CGI explosions to be added in later, and a 7-Eleven is being built just so they can blow it down.

There’s also a bank being wired to explode that matches up with the eyebrow-less promotional image that Warners released recently (see above). All of this is reportedly in the midst of a large action setpiece where Superman learns about one of his powers with “a glass [that] starts shaking and then breaks.” The easy money there is on laser vision. Which is pretty awesome.

All of this is encouraging. Just to see that Snyder will be bringing his love of action to a character that so desperately needs it is a victory. Plus, if this scene really exists and really takes place in Smallville, there’s no telling how old Supes might be when it goes down. If he’s young, his power-harnessing might come along with the attack from Zod. If he’s older, maybe Zod is trying to hit him where it hurts most.

What do you think?

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