Rourke Back in Talks to Father ‘Conan’

By  · Published on February 25th, 2010

Not only do they have the best chola eyebrows, those fine gents over at Latino Review have called their fair share of rumors and happenings. It looks like their previous call of Mickey Rourke being in talks to play Conan’s Father (character name: Conan’s Father) is now double true, because the talks are back on.

According to The Heat Vision Blog, Rourke might just be the guy to fly with Marcus Nispel and Jason Momoa to shoot Conan in March.

What’s to make of this news? Probably the same thing we thought last time (just for continuity’s sake). But I believe my response last time was:

Why hasn’t Max von Sydow been hired yet for anything?

So, I’m pretty safe here again.

It’s strange, but part of me thinks that Rourke has cooled considerably since his Oscar nomination for The Wrestler. There was this singular moment in time a little over a year ago where he was poised for greatness, but he’s also been largely out of the spotlight for that long, starring in a few limited releases with his high-profile work in The Expendables and Iron Man 2 having us wait until later in the year.

Essentially, after the buzz of the Oscar, he’s going to be largely absent from screens until a full year and a half later.

Just something to think about. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe slow and steady does win the race back to fame. He’s also following this path with smaller projects like St. Vincent and Passion Play coming out this year before the sword and sand remake heads to theaters all the way in the future of 2011.

What do you think?

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