Rob Corddry and Jack Black to Appear in ‘Sex Tape’

By  · Published on August 2nd, 2013

Two more actors have been announced for Jake Kasdan’s upcoming comedy Sex Tape, and with them come an unholy onslaught of cheap puns. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rob Corddry is in talks to join the cast, while The Wrap reports that Jack Black will be appearing in a cameo role.

The film is, to the surprise of absolutely no one, about a sex tape. Specifically, it’s about a couple (Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz) who attempt to spice up their love life by filming one. Naturally, the tape goes missing, and so begins a frantic search to find it before it could fall into potentially embarrassing (or worse) hands. Corddry will play a friend of the couple’s who joins them on their quest, while Jack Black will play “the CEO of a major porn company.”

The story doesn’t give us a whole lot to go on, but thankfully the cast does. Segel and Diaz with Kasdan directing – it’s the exact same lineup as Bad Teacher from two years ago. If you adored that, than chances are you’ll probably love Sex Tape. And if not, at least you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. The title states it pretty plainly.

Sex Tape is expected to start production this fall.