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Rise of the Boogeymen is a Horror Movie Battle Royale of Epic Proportions

By  · Published on November 9th, 2016

Halloween might be over, but Helloween is just beginning.

There are mashups, and then there are feats of editing prowess so magnificent that they transcend the mashup designation and become interpretive short films all their own, pastiches of pop culture that tell their own stories with their own themes, just utilizing pre-existing characters and contexts as their medium. In this realm I’ve seen no better than the work of Antonio Maria Da Silva, whose “Hell’s Club” series of videos are quite honestly among the coolest and most seamless edits out there.

It started with Hell’s Club (above), in which Da Silva took dozens of scenes from nightclubs, dance clubs, strip clubs, lounges, cantinas and bars featured in movies ‐ think Scarface, Beverly Hills Cop, Star Wars, Trainspotting ‐ and wove them into a massive narrative in which disparate characters played off of each other.

The first installment was so successful ‐ you couldn’t scroll through my social media feed that week without seeing one film site or another praising it ‐ that it warranted Da Silva continuing the creative chaos with a second chapter (above) that kept the party going in a similar fashion.

Then, just to spice it up, Da Silva took us into the Hell’s Club men’s room (below), splicing together tons of restroom scenes into the funniest and most enthralling segment yet; if you haven’t seen Leonardo DiCaprio nervously watch Jim Carrey fidget with his zipper at a urinal, I dare say you haven’t lived.


But it’s his latest video that is perhaps Da Silva’s most accomplished and entertaining yet, especially if you’re a horror geek like me. In “Rise of the Boogeymen” he’s shifted the scene to a town called Helloween and taken the most memorable characters from horror ‐ Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Ash, Chucky, Leatherface and loads more ‐ and pitted them against each other (with plenty of collateral damage along the way) in a spectacular 14-minute battle royale of which we are all winners.

I’m serious, this is top-notch editing and top-notch storytelling to boot, you need to get your eyes on it ASAP, and once you have be sure to share it ‐ the more it gets seen the greater the chance we’ll get another chapter soon.

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