Required Reading: Toxic Movie Culture and a Potential Galactic Flop

By  · Published on February 6th, 2014

The best movie culture writing from around the internet-o-sphere.

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“Don’t let movie social media get toxic” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve advocates for an improv class approach to our critical conversations online. So that they’re, you know, actual conversations.

“Why Guardians of the Galaxy Could Be Marvel’s First Flop” – Rob Bricken at io9 makes a clear case of what we all know in our hearts: that the public at large might not be ready for a wacky talking space raccoon. And yet they totally got behind a moose peeing on Adam Sandler.

“Sympathy for the Loser: Mitt Romney’s Sobering Netflix Documentary” – Tim Grierson at Safe For Work Playboy discusses an excellent documentary in the context of a position we hate to find ourselves in (and one that humanizes all of us).

“How 12 Years a Slave Broke Through India’s No-Nudity Clause” – Laya Maheshwari at IndieWire explains an interesting law and an interesting way around it.

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