Required Reading: Searching For Bill Murray and Movie GIFs

By  · Published on September 10th, 2014

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“15 Hours in Search of Billy Murray, and His Legend, on Billy Murray Day” – Katie Calautti at Vanity Fair attempts to hug the folk icon and learn his secret to happiness. But she’ll have to find him first.

“Back outside at 11:30 PM, the rain continues, and I arrive at the St. Vincentafter-party soaked, shoes ruined, in a cardigan now resembling an overused kitchen sponge. The P.R. girl at the entrance informs me that my soggy ticket isn’t enough to gain entrance – my name also must be on The List. After several alternate spelling suggestions and proof exhibited effusively via e-mails on my phone, I am told my name does not – and never will – appear on The List, and I cannot enter. I slink to the side of the parking garage opposite a barricaded mass of celebrity-spotting revelers and fire off an e-mail to my editors. While I wait, I check Twitter and see a photo of Bill Murray greeting a crowd outside the venue. I double take when I realize every one of those people is still standing to my left. I must’ve just missed him.”

“Fewer Parties, More Teamwork: How Saturday Night Live Has Changed in the Last 10 Years” – Jesse David Fox at Vulture speaks with James Andrew Miller about the updated version of his book “Live From New Work,” which is one of the most fascinating behind-the-scenes looks at TV ever put down on paper. The thing should be updated every decade until the show ceases to exist.

“A Look Back at the Rise of the Hollywood Mega Franchise” – Dave Gonzales at Forbes teams up with Sherlock Holmes to figure out how we got here.

“In Praise of Movie GIFs” – Nick Schager at Maxim goes into far too much detail chronicling the many splendors of images from movies that move.

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