Required Reading: Leonardo DiCaprio as Darth Vader and Franchise Fatigue

By  · Published on May 28th, 2014

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“Old News: What were movie fans talking about on May 27, 1999?” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve jumps in the time machine to inspect the rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio had met with George Lucas about playing Anakin Skywalker, noting that it’s a particularly saddening alternate reality:

“But still: Is there anyone today who wouldn’t swap Christensen for DiCaprio if they could (except for maybe Christensen and DiCaprio)? Even with the exact same script, how much better does Attack Of The Clones get the second you put DiCaprio in the Anakin role? 20 percent? 30 percent? That’s got to be one of the most depressing what-ifs in recent casting history. And yet, at the time, the fact that it didn’t happen was greeted in some circles as good news. A lot can change in 15 years.”

“How Can a Movie Series Bounce Back From ‘Franchise Fatigue’?” – Charlie Jane Anders at io9 breaks down the ebb and flow for a question every single studio should have pinned to their foreheads.

“Is Batman v Superman Still a Man of Steel Sequel?” – Speaking of which, Ben Kendrick at Screen Rant uses new info from Kevin Smith to figure out if Warners’ series has shifted.

“R.I.P. Jeff Vice” – Eric D. Snider remembers a friend and colleague who died Monday.

“A love letter to classic movie villains and thoughts on Angelina Jolie as Maleficent” – Vanessa Buttino at Verite lovingly (and humorously) defends the worst of the worst.

“The Count (Bela Lugosi) did what he had to do to stay alive and if that meant drinking blood from complete strangers, so what? I’m sure that if blood banks were around back then, he would have willingly stalked the endless aisles of blood vials stored away in some hospital or clinic instead of killing a bunch of innocents. I mean, common sense people. It’s killed or be killed in this society. Ever heard of Darwin?”

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