‘Red Wing’ Trailer: Terrence Malick, His Stepson, and Some Soapy Southern Melodrama

By  · Published on July 17th, 2013

Luke Perry and Terrence Malick, together at last. The upcoming Red Wing brings the two together, with Perry in a lead role and Malick playing executive producer. The film is directed by Will Wallace, the stepson of the acclaimed auteur filmmaker (and the missing link between Malick and Perry). An adaptation of François le Champi, the novel by 18th century French author George Sand, Red Wing tells of an orphan boy who grows up to drive a wedge between his foster parents.

The trailer does capture a little of the Midwestern natural beauty that Malick is known for, and the young boy we see early on can’t help but harken back to The Tree of Life, but the whole thing resembles a direct-to-DVD release far too much for its own good. The performances, the music, the title cards, the presence of Luke Perry – they all make Red Wing look like a piece of country-fried melodrama rather than a sweeping adaptation of an 18th century French pastoral novel. From the looks of it, this one may be for diehard Malick fans only. Check it out after the break.

Red Wing stars Perry as well as Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher, and Joelle Carter.

As of now, it is without a release date.